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In this neck of the woods

What Should Be, What is Not

Choreography by Faith Koleczek

Music by Goose

Dare Wedgeworth, Emma Barnhart, Gabrielle Anchondo, Julie Ferrell-Olson, Masha Bandouil, Ryan Dick, Shaurice McCaster

What Blooms Will Wilt

Choreography by Erin Murphy

Music by Blue False Indigo & Molly Healey

Ally Paitl, Deirdre Dillon, Emma Barnhart, Gabrielle Anchondo, Jackie Pitts, Julie Ferrell-Olson, Faith Koleczek, Nadia Cohn

Bitter End

Choreography by Nina-Rose Wardanian

Music by Rag’n’Bone Man

Deirdre Dillon, Faith Koleczek, K Orgel, Ryan Dick, Nadia Cohn, Shaurice McCaster

Corporate Larping

Choreography by Erin Murphy

Music by Trippin Jaguar with Raffaello Visconti

Ally Paitl, Dare Wedgeworth, Deirdre Dillon, Emma Barnhart, Faith Koleczek, Gabrielle Anchondo, Jackie Pitts, Julie Ferrell-Olson, K Orgel, Masha Bandouil, Nadia Cohn, Shaurice McCaster, Ryan Dick


Choreography by Nina-Rose Wardanian

Music by James Blake

Friday & Sunday: Faith Koleczek, Nadia Cohn

Saturday: Julie Ferrell-Olson, Masha Bandouil


If I Could

Choreography by Erin Murphy

Music by Beck & Charlotte Day Wilson

Friday & Sunday: Deirdre Dillon, Julie Ferrell-Olson, Shaurice McCaster

Saturday: Dare Wedgeworth, Faith Koleczek, Masha Bandouil

Mid Night

Choreography by Erin Murphy

Music by Franz Liszt & Khatia Buniatishvili

Friday: Jackie Pitts

Saturday: Ryan Dick

Sunday: K Orgel

Weight of Air

Choreography by Nina-Rose Wardanian

Music by Son Lux & Wooded

Ally Paitl, Dare Wedgeworth, Deirdre Dillon, Emma Barnhart, Gabrielle Anchondo, Jackie Pitts, Julie Ferrell-Olson, K Orgel, Masha Bandouil, Nadia Cohn, Shaurice McCaster, Ryan Dick

Friday - Crave

Trifecta Dance Collective

Andi Learman, Sarah O’Keeffe

Choreography by Tori Stewart

Music by 070 Shake

Saturday - Disconnected

Simantikos Dance Chicago

Megan O'Toole, Tina Mukherji, Kalina Bartlett, Haley McElwee, Alexis Samuels

Choreography by Nikki Renfroe Martinez

Music by Olafur Arnolds & Arnor Dans

Sunday - Cyclic Creatures

Queer Dance Freakout presented by GF Productions

Erobus Lane Clementine, Virginia VanLieshout, Hanna Swartz, Ray Post

Choreography by GF Productions

Music by The Bengsons

Drifting (excerpt)

Valerie Alpert Dance Company

Matthew Kinney, Sunny Park

Choreography by Valerie Alpert

Music by Ezio Bosso


Choreography by Nina-Rose Wardanian

Music by Leon Bridges

Ally Paitl, Emma Barnhart, Gabrielle Anchondo, Jackie Pitts


Lighting design provided by Megan Wines

NDE Artistic TEAM


Erin Murphy

Nina Rose Wardanian


Faith Koleczek


Camille Nichols


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Queer Dance Freakout
Presented by GF Productions

Get to Know Us

Queer Dance Freakout is an interactive choose your own adventure spectacle inspired by the Neo-Futurists Infinite Wrench. This company of queer, trans, and nonbinary choreographers and storytellers will perform up to 30 dances that will have audiences booty shaking, grooving, and connecting with the queer community. Each dance is around 1 minute and the audience ques dances from the “playlist” by calling out the next dance they want to see in between numbers. Queer Dance Freakout is ever changing as each performance the company writes and choreographs new pieces so no Freakout is the same as before.

Simantikos Dance Chicago

Get to Know Us

Simantikos Dance Company (SDC) is committed to leadership and creative collaboration in both dance performance and dance education. The company aspires to advance the performing arts by offering the public visionary choreography and strongly executed performances by fostering an intelligent appreciation of dance as an art form. The  company’s mission is to address social issues while recognizing the diverse range of cultures represented by the collaborators and facilitating a platform to create, contribute and influence a positive change within society as a whole.

Trifecta Dance Collective

Get to Know Us

The Trifecta Dance Collective is a registered 501c-3 and has been serving the Chicago community,  and more specifically, the Chicago dance community for six years through its multidimensional approach to unification and expansion of the arts. The company engages in performances and educational initiatives, empowers artists through its numerous opportunities to use art as a catalyst for change, and seeks to expand and share stories of others to ignite community dialogue through an artistic lens.

Valerie Alpert Dance Company

Get to Know Us

VADCO produces dance works that engages communities in the immediacy and imagination of contemporary dance as an art form.


VADCO is committed to the continued effort of advancing the arts through innovative choreography and collaboration with artists from other disciplines. 


VADCO has touched thousands of people across the nation with its exciting choreographic programs and will continue to further excellence in dance in the Chicago area, as well as nationally and internationally.


Valerie Alpert Dance Company is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization in the state of Illinois.



Sway Dance Chicago

The Edge Theater

Ron McKinney Photography

Lyons Township Highschool

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